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Meet Kara

Transitioning out of the military can be overwhelming and anxiety-provoking.

I get it. I was in the Air Force for 13 years and successfully transitioned to business ownership in 2021. Here's what I noticed from a social worker's perspective...

* More fulfillment as an individual feels elusive at times while you’re juggling kids, career, relationships, and just trying to get 15 minutes of quiet time!
* It can feel lonely and frustrating at times trying to meet everyone’s expectations.
* It can seem confusing navigating all of the resources, classes, and organizations provided to you.

I clearly believe my purpose on Earth is to support women veterans and build a community of like-minded people not afraid to change our thoughts, transform our lives, and begin living in abundance.


Donna Burrowes, USAF Psychologist to Private Practice Psychologist and Veteran

"Kara's program helped me tap into my values and push through my fear of failure and, which gave me the confidence to share my knowledge and expertise as a child psychologist."




Nicole Grelecki, Life Coach

If you have been feeling any of the overwhelm or that you are not enough in any way you MUST ATTEND Kara's group coaching program!  Thank you Kara for taking the time and energy to give back to your community and to me. I felt like you were talking directly to me the whole time, even though there were other people on the call and you were even addressing issues in other people’s lives. That’s the power of a community!”



Sarah Vaughn, USAF, MD to Private Practice Physician Employee

“Kara and Kara Taylor Coaching has been such an improvement for my financial health. I have had so many ups and downs financially, especially recently, and having the positive attitude, organization and knowledge she provides has helped me stay disciplined and make progress that I couldn’t have made on my own. It also helps that she knows what it’s like to be in debt and is sensitive to the psychology of it. I would definitely recommend this coaching service.”